Our story

It was 1960 when Aldo Carozzi began to market the typical products of Valsassina, first in the village of Ballabio, and then in Pasturo, in the heart of the green mountains of Valsassina. UA place populated by the animals of the forest, which smells of violets and blackberries, with a strong identity given by the dairy artthat is handed down from generation to generation.
For more than 50 years, our family has aimed to tell our story as cheese producers, in love with our origins since childhood. It is a passion that, combined with entrepreneurial intuition, over the years has given life to a wide range of unique cheeses, awarded with prestigious awards.
In 2015 we opened Formaggeria Carozzi, a place designed to meet one by one our customers, dedicating them a point of access to our small big world. UA space not only of resale and food service, but also of experience, in which we plan tastings, events and guided visits to the cheese factory.

Our Values


The excellence of our cheeses is guaranteed by the production methods, carefully protected over the decades and reinterpreted in light of the evolution of tastes.


We are pleased to welcome our customers and allow them to live an exclusive and authentic experience, «touching the Carozzi world».


We are proud to be the spokesperson of the gastronomic traditions of Valsassina, the cradle of a dairy heritage appreciated in Italy and all over the world.


The production process and the quality of our products are in compliance with all current hygiene and health regulations and are certified at European level.

The Carozzi world told by Luca Sardella

During the episode dedicated to the cheeses of Valsassina, the host of “Word of Green Thumb”
interviews Vera and Marco Carozzi who reveal the curiosities and places of production of the cheese.

Associated with traditional production techniques, but with innovative and modern personality.


The Gorgonzola PDO Sweet Selection and Capriziola were both awarded the gold medal at the thirtieth edition of the World Cheese Awards.

Fairs and Festivals

Carozzi attends the most famous and prestigious national events dedicated to the world of food such as Cibus, Identità Golose and many others


With our products we meet everyone’s taste, from the most sophisticated palates to families. We are not only targeting end-users, but also the B2B sector.

Carozzi Formaggi

Nel cuore della Valsassina, gestiamo la produzione e stagionatura dei formaggi. L’eccellenza dei nostri prodotti è garantita dai metodi di produzione, tutelati con cura nei decenni e reinterpretati alla luce dell’evoluzione dei gusti.

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